Spinning in Circles

[What do we hold on to? In moments of confusion or decision we look back on what has already taken place. We focus on unchangeable situations. The real kicker is we moved forward based on the premise that the past will not continue. When it creeps it’s ugly face back in the picture the animosity is unspeakable. We are expecting something different…]

“Compelling reason will never convince blinding emotion” -Richard Bach

[What is this doing for me? I’m without a doubt, sure, this is what I need. Does it make me a better person? My smile comes from the unknown – What could it be? I’m spinning. I cannot see  through this cloud of smoke. My words are lost and stirred up in the bottom of your wine glass. I’ve never frozen before. I remain logical. It avoids the hurtful rubbish we have a hard time forgetting. Respectfully so, I  lose myself in the good that is to come…]


Photo Credit: www.http://creativity103.com/collections/Vortex/spinning_circles.jpg