Love me one day, just don’t make it today…

As a present day drifter:  I am somewhat shattered and have taped myself back together by  risky decisions and  aspirations. The trickery of habitual roads has led me astray. My self discovery expedition has become pandemonium. My soul is full and drifting about in the energy of others, as a ship wreck full of diamonds, would slowly scatter about with every crash of ocean’s waves.




  1. Pandemonium can be fun. Sometimes we need the frenzy to take us where we are meant to go that we would not go in a more rational state of mind and sometimes those angels are angels. 😉❤️

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    1. I love your thoughts. Thank you for the positive point of view. I shall enjoy the journey of finding whether I may be among Angels or wolves. I love that you said we would not go in a more rational state. Thank you for your thoughts. Your ideas are a breath of fresh air.

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  2. In the hardest points in my life over the last few decades (after curing myself from being suicidal) I have been able to draw strength from within just by reminding myself “I’m ok”….not “I will be ok”, not “things will be fine”.

    Acceptance of what is….no matter what it is… seems to be the key to pivoting.


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